COVID - 19

We understand at the current time about your concerns re Covid-19 and wanted to reassure you of what we are doing to protect you whilst staying with us.

Afon View Guest House COVID-19 Guest Information
The Afon View Guest House has adopted a new plan after following Government guidelines.

  • Cleaning
              We continue to maintain our high standards of hygiene in bedrooms and en-suite facilities.

  • All bedding/towels are professionally laundered to high commercial standards.
  • There will be sensor hand sanitizer provided at the porch and on each floor
  • To protect both our guests and ourselves, we won't be refreshing rooms booked for two nights stays.If you need a top-up of room refreshments, please let us know at breakfast. All new refreshments will be left in a bag on the door handle to the room.
  • If guests need a towel replacement, they will need to put the old towel into the bag provided (situated in the wardrobe) and leave it tied up outside their room. The same will be apply to bin bags.
  • Ozone Air Purifiers will be used when necessary..
  • Soft furnishings such as cushions and throws will be minimized and shall be steam cleaned each time           after guest departure.
  • A sanitizer spray will be used on all high use points such as  light switches, handles, remote controls,
  • Rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. PPE will be worn during the cleaning process.
  • Keys will be sanitized on guest’s departure and arrival
  • All switches, door handles, and banisters in the corridor will be sanitized on a regular basis.
  • Non-essential items will be removed from rooms to minimize contamination risk
  • The corridor lights are sensor lights so there will be no need for our guests to touch it

Social Distancing
  • Breakfast will be served  in the dining room with restricted number of dining tables.
  • We will endeavor to stay 2 metres apart from our guests at all time
  • Shared access spaces such as the staircase are narrow and we ask guests to check that thoroughfares   are clear, to avoid contact as much as is reasonably practicable.
  • Self-checking will be implemented. Keys will be left for guests in safety box in the porch. Instructions will be sent to guests before their arrival
  • Payment will be taken from the card that was provided when making the booking on the day of arrival. If guest would like us to use a different card to make the payment, please advise us at least one day              before arrival
  • Cash payments will be avoided.

  • We would kindly ask our guests to leave the window open in their room and to leave the key in the door.
Pre-order Breakfast  
  • Menus will be left in rooms of our guests. Guests will have to  fill in the pre-order form which is included
  in this guest information guide and submit it before 21:30 hours. 
Covid-19 Symptoms 
  • Any guests who believe they have symptoms of The COVID-19 virus prior to arrival at Afon View Guest  House, should contact us with a view to amending their reservation and follow the UK Government          Guidance, i.e. must not travel.
  • Any  guests who believe they have developed symptoms of COVID-19 virus following their arrival at Afon View Guest House, should inform us immediately, to safely vacate the premises and follow the UK            Government Guidance.
  •  Should this situation arise we will immediately advise remaining guests with a view to implementing the Government Guidance, current at that time.